cross-border journalism

What I’ve been up to in the 2000es

December 2009: Climate is a global subject, so one of the US’ oldest centers for investigative reporting got a global team asking into climate and lobbyism in each their part of the world. See the Center for Public Integrity’s research here.  I did the European stories, and they were quoted amongst other places in Danish daily Information (Coal industry watered down European climate package, You pay your own lobbyists and the front page story EU ministers block for ambitious climate deal).

November 2009: Eurowobbers meeting in Utrecht. 20 of Europe’s most experienced journalists in the field of freedom of information from those countries, where it makes sense to use freedom of information laws to actually get information out, met in the charming and historic Dutch town of Utrecht to exchange experiences. Encouraging! Se more on Wobbing.

November 2009: Nordic Investigative Journalism Conference in Copenhagen. I was asked to talk about cross-border reporting and about freedom of information in the EU. I suggested Danish journalist Tom Heinemann and Norwegian journalist Erling Borgen for the Danish FUJ award – and they won!

Early 2009: Founded Alfter Media as the legal entity for my work.