cross-border journalism


2010 interview about crossborder journalism in Europe

Various quotes 2015 or earlier

2nd of April 2015 – Danish broadcaster DR Radio P1 Dokumentar: Journalism without borders about cross-border journalism with references to my handbook on cross-border journalism.

25th of February 2015Danish School of Journalism DMJX New book: Journalistisk samarbejde over grænser kan nedbryde grænserne for, hvor langt din historie kan nå

13th of February 2015 – Danish broadcaster DR Radio, P1 Mennesker og Medier on my Handbook on Cross-Border Journalism

11th of February 2015 – Reuters’ Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow Alexandre Léchenet: Global Database Investigations – The role of the computer-assisted reporter

10th of February 2015 – Le Monde on cross-border journalism as carried out by the ICIJ and others: Qui sont les enquêteurs sans frontières de l’ICIJ ?

5th of January 2015 – Radio Nantes on New practices in European journalism


12th of November 2014 – Columbia Journalism Review blog by Alison Langlay European Union journalists cross borders for story collaboration.

15th of August 2014 – Netzwerk Recherche conference report on cross border journalism.

5th of July 2014 – Netzwerk Recherche Hamburg conference blog – on the value of research journalism, conference moderation with Sey Hersh, Georg Mascolo, Monika Bäuerle and Andrew Lehren.

14th of April 2014 – ARTE TV Preiskampf – Was ist unser Essen wert? Documentary by Klaus Balzer and Romy Strassenburg (from minute 9.20)

8th of April 2014 – Népszabadság daily from Hungary reports about the EU agricultural policy, interview about and transparency.


11th November 2013Stern magazine’s blog by Hans-Martin Tillack, where he describes his work as jury-member for

July 2013 – interview for master thesis by Patrick Rösing at Fachhochschule Kiel on datajournalism in regional media Datenjournalismus und Computer Assisted Reporting in regionalen Medien

19th of June 2013Danish MEPs object against MEPs as EU Ombudsmen – quoted for journalist point of view in journalist magazine

7. of June 2013 – Comment on recent decision on transparency in party documents by Indian Information Commissioner quoted in Indian Express

18. April 2013 – Interview in Danish Radio P1 Dokumentar on #Offshoreleaks, the tax haven stories carried out by ICIJ.

4. April 2013 – Interview in Datolinjen at Danish Radio 24syv on #Offshoreleaks, the tax haven stories carried out by ICIJ.

Marts 2013 – Interview “Geldregen” about funding for journalism in German Medium Magazin für Journalisten #3, interview carried out by freelancer Anne Haeming.

14. March 2013 – Brownbag speech about Crossborder reporting at Centre for Newsresearch / Center for Nyhedsforskning at Roskilde University.


4. December 2012Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford, Report on foreign reporting “Is there anybody out there? Crisis and Collaboration in Foreign Reporting” by Simon Kruse Rasmussen, interview (page 31 ff).

27. September 2012 – Interview on Danish Radio P1 Orientering – on EU Commission suggestion to reopen access to information on beneficiaries of EU-farmsubsidies.

27. September 2012 – Interview about freedom of information laws in Italy and Europe, The fight for information in Italy, published by the European Journalism Centre.

21. September 2012 – Interview in German documentary on TV Station 3SAT: Bauer sucht Einkommen – nichts los ohne Subventionen? (Farmer looking for income – nothing up without subsidies?) With a particular section on Brigitte Alfter – die Datensammlerin

19. June 2012 – Interview in German daily newspaper Tagesspiegel about non-profit journalism Spenden für Wortspenden (in German).

7. June 2012 – Interview in German newssite about non-profit journalism Wenn Journalismus stiften geht (in German).

18. marts 2012 – Interview i det spanske dagblad El Pais om, hvordan journalister bruger aktindsigt i Europa. Under titlen “Nos lo ocultan, ¿por qué?” (Vi skjuler – hvorfor) offentliggør El Pais en serie artikler om aktindsigt i Europa, mens journalister og aktivister kæmper for at få indført en lov i Spanien. For tiden fungerer kun EUs miljøaktindsigt i Spanien.

7. marts 2012Ulandsnyt bringer et interview. Interessen er selvfølgelig, at få åbenhed om EUs eksportstøtte.

11. January 2012 – Interview in German newssite Zeitzeichen about cross-border reporting Ein Netzwerk, das tatsächlich recherchiert (in German).


15. december 2011 – DA P1 Bag dokumentarismen, december-serie med Kurt Strand EN Interview on Danish Radio series about investigative journalism

April 2011BrandEins DE Kassieren und Schweigen EN Cash and keep silent – interview by business magazine Brand Eins on researching farmsubsidies

10. februar DA Internationalt net af journalister fanger ulovlige fiskere EN International net of journalists catches illegal fishermen

11. januar DE Ein Netzwerk, das tatsächlich recherchiert EN A network that really does research


17. november 2010 P1 Landbrugsstøtten og offentlighedsloven / Farmsubsidies and transparency laws

11. november 2010 Danish daily Information / Ritzau: DA Minister: Bevar åbenhed om landbrugsstøtte EN Minister: Keep transpareny about farm subsidies (in Danish).

24. september 2010 Dutch Nieuw Amsterdams Peil – Newspaper for the curious Amsterdamer Wobben om de macht te kontrolleren / Using FOI to control power (in Dutch).

27.-28. May 2010 – NPOX Medialab conference in Hilversum and Amsterdam, interview.

11. March 2010 P1 Venstre støtter undersøgende journalistik / Liberal party wants subsidies for investigative journalism (in Danish)


Autumn 2009 – – Fields of Gold – interview

14. juli 2009 Hungarian media magazine eMaSa HU A dráma mindig egyszerűbb / EN Drama is always easy – interview about European reporting

27. juni 2009 Hungarian daily Nepszabadsag HU Őrülteknek való az oknyomozás, Ha ugyanannak a témának járnak utána más-más országban, Brüsszelre is hatásuk lehet / EN about the impact of cross-border journalism in Europe

27. april 2009 German daily TAZ blog on speaking assignment with David Cohn and Jakob Augstein about non-profit and cross-border journalism, Tretet Euch selbst in den Arsch.

24. april 2009 Hungarian media magazine e-MaSa HU „Nem rejtett kamera volt a jelem az óvodában” / EN article about meeting on ethics in research methods in Hungarian media


11. July 2007 Danish Broadcaster DR Radio P1 broadcast in Danish “EU lukker sig inde” / EN EU is closing up