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Projects and organisations

Reference – the European Independent Media Circle, founded 2021, co-founder. A meeting place for Europe’s innovative, investigative, independent media.

Arena for Journalism in Europe, founded 2019, co-founder, director, as of 2022 editorial director. A non-profit under Dutch law to support crossborder, collaborative journalism in Europe. We want to rethink the European infrastructure for journalism in a networked society.

Investigate Europe, co-founder, facilitator 2015-2019, chairperson advisory board 2020- . Investigate Europe is a team of journalists from all over Europe that set out to address important European stories – however complex they may be – and versionise them to their various audiences.

Dataharvest – the European Investigative Journalism Conference founded 2009, co-founder. An annual working conference and meeting place for crossborder collaborative, investigative and data journalism in Europe. Initiated within the network, conference responsible since 2011 under (2011-2018) and at Arena for Journalism in Europe (2019 and onward). 2008 – 2018, co-founder and Managing Editor for, initially a project under the Fonds Pascal Decroos. is a support structure for journalism focusing on providing research grants.

The Wobbing Europe Network 2007 – 2016, co-founder and co-editor of Wobbing, a European network of journalists, who use the method of freedom of information requests. It was initiated by the Fonds Pascal Decroos.

The Farmsubsidy Network 2004 – 2018, co-founder, reporter, network member and later responsible for the project, a pioneer project in cross-border collaborative journalism in Europe unveiling the beneficiaries of EU’s 60 billion Euro annual farm subsidies. Since 2018 run by the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany.

The Scoop Project 2003 – 2012, co-founder, volunteer and later manager at the Scoop project, a support structure for investigative and cross-border journalism in the Balkans, the Ukraine and Moldova, later other countries were included. The project was concluded in 2018.

The MIDAS network, founded 2001, co-founder on behalf of Flensborg Avis. The European Assoc​​iation of Daily Newspapers in Minority and Regional Languages.

Board positions, affiliations, juries

2022 – present. Member of the jury of the Danish Cavling Award.

2021 – present. Advisory board member Re-Check, Switzerland.

2020 – present. Advisory board member Reporters United, Greece.

2019 – present. Chairwoman of the advisory board of Investigate Europe.

2018 Member of the jury of the BIRN Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence

2017 – 2022. Member of the steering committee of the German SciCAR conference for the collaboration between data journalists and scientists

2016 – 2020. Member of the programme board of University of Gothenburg‘s master’s program investigative journalism

2016 – 2022. Member of the jury of Norwegian Data SKUP award

2016 Member of the jury of Danish FUJ Investigative Journalism Award

2013-2016 chairperson of from 2013-2016 to chair a generation change; from 2013-2020 member of the general assembly; from 2007-2018 team member at Fonds Pascal Decroos/ (see above).

2010-2014 Global Investigative Journalism Network  Member of the volunteer background and planning group of the Global Investigative Journalism Network, co-organiser of the GIJC 2011 in Kiev.

2009 – present. International Consortium of Investigative Journalists – invited member, active in research projects until 2012. Ordinary member since then.

2007-2011 Netzwerk Recherche / German association for investigative journalism, board member responsible for international contacts. Ordinary member since then.

2002-2012 Foreningen for Undersøgende Journalistik / Danish Association for Investigative Journalism. 2002-2012 board member, from 2003-2012 active in the international committee, from 2008-2012 chairperson of the international committe. Ordinary member since then.

Other memberships
Å / FOI journalists in Denmark, member
Danmarks Journalistforbund / Denmark’s Journalists’ Association, member

Not journalism-related
Bogø Lokalhistoriske Forening / local history association, board member as of 2017, chairperson as of 2019
Drivkvasen Karen af Bogø / organisation for the preservation of historic fisher boat Karen, volunteer co-webmaster

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