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Projects and organisations I co-founded / Memberships and affiliations


Arena for Journalism in Europe, co-founder, director. A non-profit under Dutch law to support crossborder, collaborative journalism in Europe. We want to rethink the European infrastructure for journalism in a networked society.

Investigate Europe, co-founder, facilitator since 2015. Investigate Europe is a team of journalists from all over Europe that set out to address important European stories – however complex they may be – and translate them to their various audiences.

The Dataharvest & European Investigative Journalism Conference since 2009 – Co-founder within the network, conference responsible since 2011 under (2011-2018) and at Arena for Journalism in Europe (2019 and onward). An annual conference meeting place for crossborder collaborative, investigative and data journalism in Europe. 2008 – 2018 Co-founder and Managing Editor for, initially a project under the Fonds Pascal Decroos. is a support structure for journalism by providing research grants.

The Wobbing Europe Network 2007 – 2016 Co-founder and co-editor of Wobbing, a European network of journalists, who use the method of freedom of information requests. It was initiated by the Fonds Pascal Decroos.

The Farmsubsidy Network 2004 – 2018 Co-founder, reporter, network member and later responsible for the project, a pioneer project in cross-border collaborative journalism in Europe unveiling the beneficiaries of EU’s 60 billion Euro annual farm subsidies. In 2018 the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany takes over the task to run the data work.

The Scoop Project 2003 – 2012 Co-founder, volunteer and later manager at the Scoop project, a support structure for investigative and cross-border journalism in the Balkans, the Ukraine and Moldova, later other countries were included. The project was concluded in 2018.

The MIDAS network, founded 2001, co-founder on behalf of Flensborg Avis. The European Assoc​​iation of Daily Newspapers in Minority and Regional Languages.

Board positions, affiliations, juries

2021 – present. Advisory board member Re-Check, Switzerland.

2020 – present. Advisory board member Reporters United, Greece.

2019 – present. Chairwoman of the advisory board of Investigate Europe.

2018 Member of the jury of the BIRN Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence

2017 – present. Member of the advisory board of the German SciCAR conference for the collaboration between data journalists and scientists

2016 – 2020. Member of the programme board of University of Gothenburg‘s master’s program investigative journalism

2016 – present. Member of the jury of Norwegian Data SKUP award

2016 Member of the jury of Danish FUJ Investigative Journalism Award

2013-2016 chairperson of from 2013-2016 to chair a generation change; from 2013-2020 member of the general assembly; from 2007-2018 team member at Fonds Pascal Decroos/ (see above).

2010-2014 Global Investigative Journalism Network  Member of the volunteer background and planning group of the Global Investigative Journalism Network, co-organiser of the GIJC 2011 in Kiev.

2009 – present. International Consortium of Investigative Journalists – invited member, active in research projects until 2012. Ordinary member since then.

2007-2011 Netzwerk Recherche / German association for investigative journalism, board member responsible for international contacts.

2002-2012 Foreningen for Undersøgende Journalistik / Danish Association for Investigative Journalism. 2002-2012 board member, from 2003-2012 active in the international committee, from 2008-2012 chairperson of the international committe. Ordinary member since then.

Other memberships
Å / FOI journalists in Denmark, member
Danmarks Journalistforbund / Denmark’s Journalists’ Association, member
Publicistklubben / The Publishers’ Club, member
Investigative Reporters and Editors / US, member

Not journalism related
Bogø Lokalhistoriske Forening / local history association, board member as of 2017, chairperson as of 2019
Drivkvasen Karen af Bogø / organisation for the preservation of historic fisher boat Karen, volunteer co-webmaster

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