cross-border journalism


Politicians make their decisions in Brussels – or maybe in Berlin, Paris, London, Washington. Business decisions are made in the board rooms of big companies – wherever they are placed. Politicians, business leaders even organised criminals act across borders.

We as journalists have to make sure we are where things are going on. We have to follow the stories and find to the core of them – regardless where they happen. We have to carry out research beyond our national limitations, otherwise we simply do not do our job properly. And then we have to tell the story to our national or regional or local audience, so our particular audience understands and feels understood.

This is the big task for journalists these years.

Luckily there are a lot of interesting and enriching methods and ideas to develop this kind of journalism. And a lot of creative, upright, competent and bright colleagues along the road, that are an absolute pleasure to walk these new ways with.

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