cross-border journalism


2022: The European Press Prize goes to Arena’s Cities For Rent investigation into corporate landlords across Europe. The herculean task of coordinating the 25+ journalists team was carried out by Arena’s Jose Miguel Calatayud, data work was done by Adriana Homolova and the super innovative visualisation back office by Tagesspiegel Berlin’s Hendrik Lehmann. Have a look at the data and the methodology – who are the big landlords in your city?

2019: The Carsten Nielsen Prize by the Danish Association of Journalists for improving the profession of journalism through persistent work for crossborder collaborative journalism.

2013: The Leipzig Prize for the Freedom and the Future of the Media for founding, together with Ides Debruyne.

2011: The Overseas Press Club of America Award for the series of articles “Looting the Seas”, together with  the ICIJ team.

2011: The US Tom Renner Award for the series of articles “Looting the Seas”, together with the ICIJ team.

2010: Finalists at the 2009 IRE award for the Climate Change Lobby along with the ICIJ team.

2008: In the run-up to the German Henri-Nannen-Awardfor articles in German magazine Sterntogether with Hans-Martin Tillack.

2007: The IRE Freedom of Information Award along with Nils Mulvad and Jack Thurston, the other two co-founders of

2006: Nominated for the Danish Cavling award along with Nils Mulvad for a series of articles on EU farmsubsidies.

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