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What I’ve been up to recently

In Blog news on April 29, 2019 at 3:50 pm

May 2019: Speaking at the Difference Day – the Brussels Universities’ honouring of the World Press Freedom Day.

April 2019: Lacking words for once! I win the prestigious Carsten Nielsen Prize by the Danish Journalism Association! A group of colleagues had suggested my name, and the prize committee decided to award my work over the years with developing and strengthening crossborder collaborative journalism. After decades of work this is truly warming. But a prize for collaborative journalism never only goes to one person. So a huge thank you to all precious colleagues who worked on developing crossborder collaborative journalism over the years, and to all editors, publishers, funders who believed in this work.

April 2019: Collaborative journalism on the raise! Encouraging overview article about collaborative journalism in Germany and in Europe. In the magazine of the journalism association DJV in my home province of North-Rhine-Westphalia.

April 2019: Meeting scores of good colleagues all ready to talk about journalism at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia. Freezing cold weather but the town as charming as ever. I talked about surmounting bias by practicing crossborder journalism, and I talked about the need to experiment in order to develop new digital tools supporting journalism in our era.

March 2019, the 18th: Routledge just told me: My English language book about crossborder collaborative journalism has been sent to the print shop!

March 2019: Speaking at seminar about Media Literacy in Europe praising the emerging interactive journalism – where journalists interact with citizens – as an excellent opportunity to get to know media.

March 2019: Trying to speak about crossborder, interactive and other new ways of doing journalism at seminar of Danish Parliament. Starting question was difficult though: Why are there not more news about the EU in Danish media? I think there are, plenty, but we do not mark them as such – and thus we do not follow up to the levels, where decisions are made.

February 2019: Highly interesting seminar on public discourse in our times by the Augstein Foundation in Germany in the Hamburg Spiegel building. I moderated a workshop with Márton Gergely form Hungary. Unsettling experiences, he reported.

January 2019: We founded Arena for Journalism in Europe, a non-profit under Dutch law to support crossborder, collaborative journalism in Europe. We want to rethink the European infrastructure for journalism in a networked society.

January 2019: Do algorithms make decisions affecting your life? Or that of your children? We’ve been mapping the use of automated decision making in Europe. On January 29th and 30th it was presented in the European Parliament, at the Privacy Camp 2019 and at a breakfast meeting at the CPDP. This report is the result of a crossborder effort. Over the autumn of 2018 for I had the pleasure of coordinating a group of insightful colleagues from journalism, academia and civil society to compile the report Automating Society – Taking Stock of Automated Decision-Making in the EU.

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