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Foto: Thomas Tolstrup

2018 – Journalist, author. Director of Arena for Journalism in Europe, the organisation behind the the annual EIJC & Dataharvest conference.

2008-2018, a support structure for in-depth, innovative and independent journalism in Europe. Initially invited to develop the European activities, later chairperson and managing Editor.

2008-2012 Freelance cross border journalism with teams of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ICIJ, own initiative teams and filmmakers; developing the growing European activities of

Lived in Brussels from 2004-2008 working as EU-correspondent for Danish daily Information, since 2008 back in Denmark.

Co-founder of several European journalism and data journalism projects, including the follow-the-money project – that for the first time in the history of the EU brought to light beneficiaries of the annual billion Euro subsidies to the farming industry,  and the annual European Investigative Journalism & Dataharvest Conference, where some of the most courageous and innovative journalists from all over Europe meet to learn from each other and to collaborate across borders.

Teaching students of journalism up to MA-level at the University of Roskilde/Denmark 2012-2016 and journalists and students throughout Europe for occasional lectures since 2008.

Fields of interest these years are cross border and collaborative journalism; data; transparency legislation and practice; European affairs and regulation; political economy.

Author of the first handbook on crossborder collaborative journalism, published in Danish (2015) and German (2017).

Field of scholarly research interest: (Cross-border) collaborative journalism; non-profit journalism and editorial independence.

Detailed CV

Stimulating European journalism /co-founder and managing editor
Freedom of Information in Europe /co-founder and co-editor Transparency on EU funds to farming /co-founder
International Consortium for Investigative Journalists member
Supporting investigative journalism in the Balkans, the Ukraine and the Caucasus /co-founder in 2003 and Danish manager  2008-2012
More detailed CV.