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What I’ve been up to recently

In Blog news on December 6, 2017 at 4:00 pm

March 2018: Speaking about crossborder journalism in Saarbrücken at German Reporterfabrik event – very interesting to hear about crossborder journalism on local/regional level embracing Germany, France and Luxembourg.

February 2018: Speaking to Danish freelance journalists’ seminar about crossborder journalism in Kobæk Strand.

January 2017: New anthology out on collaborative journalism. Global Teamwork, the rise of collaboration in investigative journalism, edited by Richard Sambrooke, published by the Reuters’ Institute for the Study of Journalism in Oxford. I contributed with a practice chapter on how to coordinate a crossborder team. Following up on an inspiring workshop at RISJ in December 2016.

January 2018: Speaking in Warszaw about crossborder collaborative journalism and about the opportunities for work grants by Journalismfund. Hosted by Fundacja Reporterow who do excellent – largely voluntary – work sharing, teaching, training, developing journalism methods.

January 2018: Necessary talks on how philantropists can support journalism at the Journalism Funders Forum in Amsterdam. Questions like: How can journalists and funders MEET? And how should we EVALUATE? Practice in practice means, there is no one-size-fits-all solution or a solution, that lasts forever. These questions, we need to address and develop over and over again. Good to do it in interesting company.


December 2017: Presenting my handbook on crossborder journalism in German: Grenzüberschreitender Journalismus – Handbuch zum Cross-Border-Journalismus after great work with publishing house Herman von Halem in Cologne. Thanks to publisher Herbert von Halem for seeing the potential of a new and upcoming method at an early stage and his European vision and thanks to lector Imke Hirschmann for her patient and thorough work aswell as to graphic designer Claudia Ott for visual ideas on the front page and inside the book! The book was presented in the series of Cologne Media Talks, Kölner Mediengespräche. I talked about crossborder journalism as one journalistic answer to the challenges of networked societies in a hyper connected digital world. Through collaboration our profession can strive to achieve the critical mass of good journalism to make the voice of the citizens heard and bring important topics back to the public sphere and political agenda. Speech/Vortrag (in German). Pictures.

November 2017: Giving a two day course in crossborder collaborative journalism at the University of Gothenburg journalism MA class – one of the few journalism masters with a clear focus on crossborder journalism.

November 2017: Speaking and moderating at the 10th Global Investigative Jouranlism Conference, this time in Johannesburg. Moving and impressing to be in this committed and competent crowd yet again. Quoted in The Nation in a summary about the conference on how inspiration for journalism moves and develops.

November 2017: Key-note speaker at the Clean Energy Wire’s conference for journalists covering the climate ahead of the Global Climate Summit COP23 in Bonn: The Global Energy Transition: Is Journalism Ready? #GETJO17. Interesting colleagues from Germany and all over the world on the program. CLEW-Network-Conference-2017 summary.

September 2017: Key-note speaker at European Parliament conference about cross-border journalism in Europe.

September 2017: The need for a balance of credibility in foundation supported journalism is discussed in several places. The 8th of September I was invited to kickstart the discussion in the Expertgroup Quality Journalism of the German Foundations at their meeting in Dortmund; ten days later De Balie in Amsterdam in cooperation with the Adessium Foundation asked “Should journalists change the world” and the group of mainly journalists and students discussed topics such as collaboration with NGOs, journalistic persistence over longer periods and how journalists and NGOs have different roles in society. My poster presentation on editorial independence given at the pre-ERNOP conference in July online on the website of the Copenhagen Business School’s Centre for Civil Society Studies.

September 2017: New form of collaboration between journalists and academics? University of Dortmund and Volkswagen Foundation put it on the test with work grants for eight teams and a conference. Highly interesting stuff and – on the collaboration aspect – many similarities with crossborder collaborative journalism. Initially limited to datajournalism, the SciCAR conference had a broader program. Promising. And a pleasure to be in the accompanying expert group. Read the rest of this entry »