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Handbook on cross-border journalism

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Forthcoming in English at Routledge March 2019:
Cross-Border Collaborative Journalism. A Step-By-Step Guide

The Handbook on crossborder journalism is the first of its kind. The book provides a step-by-step introduction to the method of cross-border journalism from idea to publication and beyond. It builds upon own experience of the author and a long series of interviews with the pioneers of crossborder journalism.

The work process of the practitioners is enriched with insigths by scholars of various disciplines of relevance. The book includes numerous examples.

A 2015 version is available in Danish, an updated 2017 version is available in German.

Grenzüberschreitender Journalismus – Handbuch zum Cross-Border-Journalismus Deutsch

  • Press release for the launch lecture December 2017
  • Review by European Journalism Observatory Januar 2018: “She provides valuable suggestions, how journalists can succeed in collaborating across countries’ borders.”
  • Review by Drehscheibe April 2018: “Why not start by crossing borders also in local journalism?
  • Review by Global Media Journal, August 2018: “Newsrooms who want to look beyond the national realm should invest in this book”.
  • Buy the book at Herbert-von-Halem-Verlag, Cologne

Journalistik over grænser – håndbog i crossborder journalistik


In short

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Foto: Thomas Tolstrup

2018 – Journalist, author. Director of Arena for Journalism in Europe, the organisation behind the the annual EIJC & Dataharvest conference.

2008-2018, a support structure for in-depth, innovative and independent journalism in Europe. Initially invited to develop the European activities, later chairperson and managing Editor.

2008-2012 Freelance cross border journalism with teams of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ICIJ, own initiative teams and filmmakers; developing the growing European activities of

Lived in Brussels from 2004-2008 working as EU-correspondent for Danish daily Information, since 2008 back in Denmark.

Co-founder of several European journalism and data journalism projects, including the follow-the-money project – that for the first time in the history of the EU brought to light beneficiaries of the annual billion Euro subsidies to the farming industry,  and the annual European Investigative Journalism & Dataharvest Conference, where some of the most courageous and innovative journalists from all over Europe meet to learn from each other and to collaborate across borders.

Teaching students of journalism up to MA-level at the University of Roskilde/Denmark 2012-2016 and journalists and students throughout Europe for occasional lectures since 2008.

Fields of interest these years are cross border and collaborative journalism; data; transparency legislation and practice; European affairs and regulation; political economy.

Author of the first handbook on crossborder collaborative journalism, published in Danish (2015) and German (2017).

Field of scholarly research interest: (Cross-border) collaborative journalism; non-profit journalism and editorial independence.

Detailed CV

What I’ve been up to recently

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February 2019: Highly interesting seminar on public discourse in our times by the Augstein Foundation in Germany in the Hamburg Spiegel building. I moderated a workshop with Márton Gergely form Hungary. Unsettling experiences, he reported.

January 2019: We founded Arena for Journalism in Europe, a non-profit under Dutch law to support crossborder, collaborative journalism in Europe. We want to rethink the European infrastructure for journalism in a networked society.

January 2019: Do algorithms make decisions affecting your life? Or that of your children? We’ve been mapping the use of automated decision making in Europe. On January 29th and 30th it was presented in the European Parliament, at the Privacy Camp 2019 and at a breakfast meeting at the CPDP. This report is the result of a crossborder effort. Over the autumn of 2018 for I had the pleasure of coordinating a group of insightful colleagues from journalism, academia and civil society to compile the report Automating Society – Taking Stock of Automated Decision-Making in the EU.

January 2019: Strategy seminar of Investigate Europe in winter-rainy but beautiful Lissabon. The project I helped plan since 2015 and co-founded in 2016 has practiced innovative ways of doing journalism and sharing knowledge. Pleasure to see team consolidate the project!

December 2018: Closing seminar of the BIRN journalism fellowship 2018 in Podgorica/Montenegro. It was a privilige to be a jury member for the fellows this year. Important and courageous journalism carried out by fellows in the course of 2018, coordinated by Tim Large.

November 2018: Meeting with media scholars at the University of Södertörn in Stockholm/Sweden to discuss potential research areas in the emerging field of crossborder collaborative journalism.

November 2018: Teaching crossborder journalism, European affairs at the unique master course dedicated to investigative, data and crossborder journalism, University of Gothenburg/Sweden.

November 2018: Status- and strategy meeting with Investigate Europe in Berlin/Germany.

November 2018: Speaking at the German consumer journalism conference by Netzwerk Recherche and Stiftung Warentest about finding EU documents and about collaborating across borders, Berlin/Germany.

November 2018: Speaking at the VVOJ-conference in Antwerp/Belgium. Well-visited session on crossborder-journalism.

November 2018: Teaching the IRJ post-grad-class on crossborder collaborative journalism by at the Thomas More School in Mechelen/Belgium. Always such a pleasure to meet a committed class and get questions indicating, that they’re well on the way to actually do crossborder collaborative journalism as soon as they leave the classroom.

October 2018: Finally! Delivered my book manuscript to Routledge on crossborder collaborative journalism! And delivered article and the final compilation of articles for a special issue crossborder journalism to the journal for Applied Journalism and Media Studies – very interesting and useful thoughts from various scholars and practitioners. Both forthcoming in 2019.

October 2018: Speaking at the Data Skup journalism conference in Oslo/Norway. And handing over the annual Data Skup journalism award! Fabulous, top-professional submissions, hard but interesting and pleasant work in the jury.

October 2018: Team meeting of Investigate Europe in Berlin/Germany. Fabulous work done, most recently unveiling the apalling labour conditions of lorry drivers in the Sweatshops on wheels investigation.

October 2018: Participated in the Logan Symposium in London – organised by the Centre for Investigative Journalism.

September 2018: The first academic conference solely about cross-border journalism. At the Technical University of Ilmenau/Germany. I was invited to speak on the opening panel about the concept of cross-border journalism and talk about practitioners’ take. Deutschlandfunk broadcast (in German).

September 2018: Journalism school at the Technical University Dortmund/Germany focuses on the collaboration between journalists and scientists at the annual SciCAR conference (where I have the honour of being on the advisory board). Reminds me of the early years of cross-border journalism: It makes so much sense, yet it is, occasionally, a bit cumbersome to figure out this thing called collaboration…

September 2018: Interviewed for academic articles by Maria Konow Lund from Oslo&Cardiff. Interesting and pleasant to have someone question ones’ way of doing things. Talk also with Annett Heft from the Freie Universität Berlin, she is also looking into cross-border collaborative journalism again.

September 2018: Exciting new developments! My years with approach an end, as the board of JF has decided to spin off the EIJC & Dataharvest conference, and I have decided to take the lead of that process. Get in touch if you wish to be part of the work to support and develop the Dataharvest!

June 2018: Journalists need to listen to citizens, and they need to make citizens’ voices heard. Thoughts on a way to reinvent journalism for our interactive, international era published in “The new journalism manifesto” on

June 2018: Speaking at German investigative journalism conference on cross-border journalism in 7 steps. Alternating between method description (ego) and fresh experience from practice (Elisa Simantke of Investigate Europe).

May 2018: Happy and proud to present the 8th European Investigative Journalism Conference & Dataharvest #EIJC18 where I am program end-responsible for the 8th time. This is the infrastructure of crossborder collaborative journalism in Europe with the latest developments and countless trainings in in-depth, independent journalism. Thanks to the many volunteer speakers and assistants in preparing the program, to my dear team at Lisa, Trine, Linda and Ides, to our funders – and to all guests who travel from afar. 470 guests from 52 countries! Pleasant recap, growing number of useful handouts. Deutschlandfunk broadcast (in German).

April 2018: Speaking about crossborder collaborative journalism at the Italian Journalism Festival in Perugia. A particularly enriching experience as academia and journalism practice met in an utterly constructive way on this panel.

March 2018: Speaking about crossborder journalism in Saarbrücken at German Reporterfabrik event – very interesting to hear about crossborder journalism on local/regional level embracing Germany, France and Luxembourg.

February 2018: Speaking to Danish freelance journalists’ seminar about crossborder journalism in Kobæk Strand.

January 2018: New anthology out on collaborative journalism. Global Teamwork, the rise of collaboration in investigative journalism, edited by Richard Sambrooke, published by the Reuters’ Institute for the Study of Journalism in Oxford. I contributed with a practice chapter on how to coordinate a crossborder team. Following up on an inspiring workshop at RISJ in December 2016.

January 2018: Speaking in Warsaw about crossborder collaborative journalism and about the opportunities for work grants by Journalismfund. Hosted by Fundacja Reporterow who do excellent – largely voluntary – work sharing, teaching, training, developing journalism methods.

January 2018: Necessary talks on how philanthropists can support journalism at the Journalism Funders Forum in Amsterdam. Questions like: How can journalists and funders MEET? And how should we EVALUATE? Practice in practice means, there is no one-size-fits-all solution or a solution, that lasts forever. These questions, we need to address and develop over and over again. Good to do it in interesting company.

December 2017: Presenting my handbook on crossborder journalism in German: Grenzüberschreitender Journalismus – Handbuch zum Cross-Border-Journalismus after great work with publishing house Herman von Halem in Cologne. Thanks to publisher Herbert von Halem for seeing the potential of a new and upcoming method at an early stage and his European vision and thanks to lector Imke Hirschmann for her patient and thorough work as well as to graphic designer Claudia Ott for visual ideas on the front page and inside the book! The book was presented in the series of Cologne Media Talks, Kölner Mediengespräche. I talked about crossborder journalism as one journalistic answer to the challenges of networked societies in a hyper connected digital world. Through collaboration our profession can strive to achieve the critical mass of good journalism to make the voice of the citizens heard and bring important topics back to the public sphere and political agenda. Speech/Vortrag (in German). Pictures.