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Handbook on cross-border journalism

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The Handbook on cross-border journalism is the first of its kind. The book provides a step-by-step introduction to the method of cross-border journalism from idea to publication and beyond. It builds upon own experience of the author and a long series of interviews with established cross-border teams such as ICIJ as well as thematic ad-hoc teams.

The experience of the practitioners is then enriched with insigths by scholars of various disciplines of relevance throughout the work process of cross-border journalism. The book includes numerous examples of cross-border work as well as interviews with practitioners.

The Handbook on Cross-Border Journalism is currently available in Danish. The German version is scheduled for 2017 in the Herbert von Halem Verlag.

On the website background links can be found – all related to cross-border journalism including examples of journalistic and academic work.

Read the original press release at publishing house Ajour February 2015.

Read the table of content (in Danish)

Buy the book at Ajour.


In short

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Foto: Thomas Tolstrup

Managing Editor at, a support structure for in-depth, innovative and independent journalism in Europe.

Lived in Brussels from 2004-2008 working as EU-correspondent for Danish daily Information, since then back in Denmark. 2008-2012 Freelance cross border journalism with teams of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ICIJ, own initiative teams and filmmakers; developing the growing European activities of

Teaching students of journalism at the University of Roskilde/Denmark 2012-2016 and journalists and students throughout Europe for occasional lectures since 2008.

Fields of interest these years are cross border and collaborative journalism; data; transparency legislation and practice; European affairs and regulation; political economy.

Field of scholarly research interest: (Cross-border) collaborative journalism; non-profit journalism and editorial independence.

Detailed CV

What I’ve been up to recently

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September 2017: Key-note speaker at European Parliament conference about cross-border journalism in Europe.

September 2017: The need for a balance of credibility in foundation supported journalism is discussed in several places. The 8th of September I was invited to kickstart the discussion in the Expertgroup Quality Journalism of the German Foundations at their meeting in Dortmund; ten days later De Balie in Amsterdam in cooperation with the Adessium Foundation asked “Should journalists change the world” and the group of mainly journalists and students discussed topics such as collaboration with NGOs, journalistic persistence over longer periods and how journalists and NGOs have different roles in society. My poster presentation on these questions given at the pre-ERNOP conference in July will soon be onlined on the website of the Copenhagen Business School’s Centre for Civil Society Studies.

September 2017: New form of collaboration between journalists and academics? University of Dortmund and Volkswagen Foundation put it on the test with work grants for eight teams and a conference. Highly interesting stuff and – on the collaboration aspect – many similarities with crossborder collaborative journalism. Initially limited to datajournalism, the SciCAR conference had a broader program. Promising. And a pleasure to be in the accompanying expert group.

September 2017: One day seminar on cross-border journalism and foundation supported journalism at M100 Potsdam Sanssouci Y program in Potsdam and Berlin.

July 2017: Presented a poster about donor-supported journalism and editorial independence at the pre-ERNOP  seminar of CBS and Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen. Interesting talks with peers about philanthropy, foundations, society. Notes.

June 2017: Speaking about cross-border data journalism at Berlin Storyhunt seminar of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany.

June 2017: Participating and speaking at an expert round table on the idea of a European public service platform. Meeting held at the German Bundestag invited by German MEP Jakob von Weizsäcker. Background on the idea in Der Spiegel. I argued to strengthen cross-border collaboration and to strengthen in-depth, independent European journalism.

June 2017: Jacob Mollerup and I organise a mid-career training for Danish journalists via Kaas & Mulvad on the most recent developments in journalism and media in Germany, 5 days in Berlin and Hamburg.

June 2017: Speaking at and moderating panel on crossborder journalism in Europe at the Netzwerk Recherche Conference in Hamburg with Jörg Schmitt from Spiegel/EIC, Elisa Simantke from Investigate Europe, Tabea Grzeczyk from Hostwriter and – last minute – Hans-Martin Tillack from Stern/the MEP project.

May 2017: 7th European Investigative Journalism and Dataharvest Conference! And it keeps growing! Pleasure to be program and overall responsible for this fabulous conference – and thanks to all contributors and participants!

May 2017: Scholarly article considering potential for Europeanisation through crossborder journalism. Assistant author to Annett Heft and Barbara Pfetsch. Peer-reviewed, published in Journalism/Sage Pub.